"Handmade jewelery for job opportunity"

"Handmade jewelery for job opportunity" is 18 months Erasmus+ strategic partnership project KA 2 VET focused on EXCHANGES OF BEST PRACTICES. The consortium is a mix of appropriate complementary 7 institutions with the necessary profile, experiences and expertise to deliver all aspects of the project, coming from different fields of educations and trainings including newcomers to this action. Mittetulundusühing MITRA is partner in this project together with partners from France, Greece, Romania, Portugal and two organisations from Poland.

The project is designed to share experiences and best practices in vocational education and to create innovative methods through training courses based on European cooperation, handmade jewelery creation and production. The project is the answer on local demands of all partners who comes from the regions of high unemployment from 11%-30% and participants are looking for alternative way for vocational trainings to work in creative sector and open micro-enterprises.

The general objective of the project is to develop partnerships between educational organizations and employment and short-cycle post-secondary qualifications with focus on potential growth area such as handmade jewelery.

The specific objectives of the project are:

1) to build synergy between vocational schools, private and non-governmental sectors and work world;

2) to develop strategic partnership and intercultural dialogue;

3) to support professional education for staff members and learners;

4) to learn traditional handmade jewelery techniques in own and other European countries;

5) to learn new types of handmade jewelery, new techniques, materials, methods and skills from partners;

6) to create own handmade jewelery samples using personal and experts' knowledge and skills and share them with partners;

7) to learn etrepreneurship issues from partners in order to open own micro-enterprise;

8) to strengthen dignity of own culture and European cultures, the dignity to be European citizen;

9) to motivate learners and staff to learn foreign languages and improve ICT skills;

10) to make learners feel self confident through project activities.

By the end of the project participants will have skills and practical experience to make handmade jewelery, use ICT working on project results, communicate better in English. They will become more aware about own national culture and other European cultures. Most of the learners will find a job as handmade jewelery craftsmen, assistants or start to cooperate with locals galleries and workshops as entrepreneurs. Project main target groups are staff members and learners/ students from different age groups, mostly unemployed, women and people from undeveloped EU regions. More than 300 people will be involved directly in this project and more than 2000 during dissemination activities.

There will be handmade jewelry courses, workshops, e-learning, theoretical seminars about jewelry, entrepreneurship education, intercultural dialogue during visits to partners' institutions. There will be1training course for staff (GR),1blended mobility with vocational training for learners ( RO) and 3 international project meetings (PL, FR, PT) that include also trainings in making jewelry. It will be created project Facebook page, partners will organize video conferences for staff and learners to exchange good practice to communicate and share the experiences. Partners will organize dissemination activities, with the involvement of local stakeholders, other vocational institutions, NGOs to make project's impact more sustainable. Partners will apply the best methods in handmade jewelery production in own countries and in Europe. The main methods will be learning by doing, learning together, with each other and by each other.

The main output will be an E-Book as pedagogical and methodical material for dissemination in own and other organizations, in local communities, on national, European and international levels. There will be also Power-Point Presentations and videos about activities and best practices from every partner organization.

The impact of the project will be seen on project participants who will gain new competencies and will become able to compete on the labour market with professionals. Partners' organizations will create strong partnership and will continue to cooperate when project will be finished. The potential long term benefits will be seen as improvement of the quality of vocational education and training in the partners' organizations. It will emerge as improvement of the situation on the labour market when learners / students will share own experience and newly gained skills with future learners professional level and start to work as jewelry designers.

Project Facebook page:

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This project has been founded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.